What does Irvine Team do?

We provide high-value consulting and program management services to leading institutions to enable them to realize the full potential of their capital projects.

What makes Irvine Team different?

We bring insight to a market environment awash with information, and deploy judgment and perspective in lieu of packaged solutions and presumptions.

How does Irvine Team know what a Customer wants?

We ask.  We Listen.  Every Customer and every project is different; it is our responsibility to understand those differences.

Can Irvine Team save me money?

Yes. In an industry that according to published research regularly exceeds budgets more than 50% of the time; we have maintained a pristine track record of 100% success with cost management.

How can Irvine Team ensure a project's success?

We recognize that successful projects are without exception the result of successful teams.  We build great teams, work hard to earn and maintain the respect of all team members; work with all team members to help achieve their full contribution to the team and maintain an open, informed and professional environment for the team to perform within.  We set goals, align work and measure outcomes.

What is Irvine Team's "secret" for continued success?

Hard work coupled with insight gained from experience.

How does Irvine Team manage a project?

We use our proprietary MATRIX Process to integrate nonlinear activities across the project team.  This unique foundation for collaboration is a sharp contrast to the checklist mentality of traditional project control.

When should Irvine Team come into the project picture?

At the very beginning is best, when our processes and perspectives can imprint the total project.  We can and have also been brought in from time to time to get a troubled project "out of the ditch", or to resolve a particular issue, so our value can be gain at almost any point.

Why do I need Irvine Team if I already have a trusted relationship with an architect or contractor?

 The Owner, architect and contractor each have their own agendas and disparate interests, and maintain duties and responsibilities to themselves and to the project that are seldom aligned.  We provide a project-centric focus for the team to the benefit of all parties, which is essential to maintaining any trusted relationship.

Does Irvine Team hold itself accountable?

Unequivocally yes.  Accountability is a challenging responsibility.  We earn our reputation every day and rely on that reputation for all our future work. It's a responsibility we cannot and do not shy from.